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Ink fingerprinting is the traditional method of taking a person's fingerprints.  Ink fingerprinting is done by using ink to record a person's fingerprints onto an FD-258 fingerprinting card.

Our offices stock standard FD-258 fingerprinting cards, allowing us to capture the highest quality ink fingerprints possible. We also stock a variety of different fingerprinting cards, such as FINRA fingerprint cards and SF-87 Cards. Our ink fingerprinting service can be used to apply fingerprints to any state-specific card you may need.

Please Note: Livescan fingerprinting developed onto card printouts is the equivalent to ink fingerprinting. The agency that requested your ink fingerprints will be satisfied with a live scan printout on an FD-258 card.

Methods of Fingerprinting

Traditional Ink And Roll

Traditional Ink and Roll is the original way to record fingerprints onto an FD-258 fingerprinting card. 

Electronic Live Scan

Our digital Live scan software allows faster transmission times when sending your fingerprints to various agencies. 

Types of Fingerprint Cards

  • FD - 258 Cards
  • FINRA Cards
  • NFA Cards
  • SF-87 Cards
  • Level 1 Clearance Card

Reasons For Ink Fingerprinting

Out of State Requirements

When applying for a license or background check for a state you do not live in, you may need to get your ink fingerprints taken for a variety of reasons. 

Be sure to submit a fingerprint card that meets that state's requirement. 

FBI Background Checks

For employment applications, federal agencies sometimes require traditional fingerprinting cards for FBI Background Checks. 

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